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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I heard you have a product that is paying a 3.0% interest rate and that your principle is guaranteed and the rate is guaranteed to NEVER go below 3.0% - even on money I add in the future.  Is that true?

A: Yes and No.  That particular produce was discontinued at the beginning of 2011.  However, we now have a product that could be even better!  It is tied to the stock market (via the S&P 500) on the "upside", but is guaranteed on the "downside".  Call and ask for Jon for details at 800-243-6296.

Q: I have 2 CDs with a bank and the rate just dropped down to squat.  How can I earn a higher rate?
A: Call us at 800-243-6296.  We have several safe solutions with great rates.

Q: Are there penalties if I want my money out?
A: We have many different products from various carriers.  Many of them do have some type of surrender charge for early withdrawal.  However, there are many ways to get your money out without ANY surrender charge at all!  Call us so that one of our representatives can explain in detail.

Q: I don't want to lose any more money like I did in the past few years in my 401K and mutual funds.
A: All of the savings products provided by our carriers are based on extremely conservative investment philosophy.  They GUARANTEE that you won't lose money.  In fact, they also guarantee that you will earn a MINIMUM return, even if interest rates drop to the floor and stock prices plummet!